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Collide is the first full length album I've written and recorded without a band. It has been a very long process. This is by far the heaviest album I have ever written, and I will most likely never write anything like it again. Many of these songs were written for old albums and thrown out or cut because they did not fit the sound I was going for at that time. It felt like the right time to release them along with some newer, louder, and more powerful songs I wrote during the recording process. I could not have done this without the support of my wife or close friends who inspire me daily.


released February 29, 2016

All instruments were written and recorded by William Alan. Danny Lopez of Table Top Joe wrote and recorded vocals on Blood Letting, You Drown Me, Being & Nothingness, and We All Dissolve. Alex Boston of Losing Skin wrote and performed the vocals on Pieces.



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The Toy Garden Spokane, Washington

Organically created artificial sounds.

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Track Name: Blood Letting
Blood Letting
These halls go on forever. 
They fade into the distance.
I’m crawling towards the exit. 
My hands are bleeding rivers.
Descend into the empty.
 My Blood my only weapon.
Scope it out. It’s in me now.
 I’m crawling for the exit.
Bleed me out and drown me now.
 I’m crawling for the exit.
Track Name: Pieces (Lessons in Lost Sleep)
looking back / watching the way
our paths have / crossed & changed
broken lines / patterns of light
like fingers / spread over eyes
so far away / from what we were
so far away / from what we want
sometimes i crawl / out of my head
to catch a glimpse / only to return again
the morning's hard & cold / levels me clean
against pillows / and sheets
all i saw of you / were fragments of light
fractured yet still whole / my hands & your bones
at the end of this / long & lonesome road
sick of promising / everything's fine
left with pieces / lessons learned in lost sleep
so far away / from what we were
so far away / from what we want
i'm waving goodbye
i'm waiting, goodbye
closed fist / open plam
my hands / your bones
Track Name: You Drown Me
I’m living on the ceiling and I’m wondering where you are. 
I’ve got these little feelings, but they’re never very smart.
 We’ve all these ways to medicate, but none to bring you home. 
I’m sitting on the ceiling feeling very much alone.
I guess it’s time to dress my best and wander through this town.
 Forget the mess and fuck the rest, it won’t be me that drowns. 
I’ll climb the heap, the highest peak, just to look around. 
I’ll look for days through broken teeth and never hear a sound.
We fall apart these days.
You found me.
You drowned me.
Track Name: Being & Nothingness
I caught a glimpse in the mirror today.
 Reddish streaks and a foggy haze. 
I scraped bare hands to see my face.
 I was not the same.
I splashed water on my face today.
 Cold shock to wake my sense.
 These knuckles will never be clean. 
I cannot see your face.
Track Name: We All Dissolve
We’ve dropped in the sea. 
It overtakes me.
The salt. It fills up my lungs. 
We all dissolve.
Venus. Venus. 
Why do you burn in the sea?
I’m the one that burns.